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My Plan For The Zombie Uprising [Demo]

Written By James Russo

About The Song:

This little song was Written and Recorded very quickly just before the new Episode of Battlestar Galactica came on! I can't say if its any good... but it IS about Zombies.

The Lyrics:

Don't let the Zombie Uprising get you down,
I know your scared, but there's no reason to frown...
Because I've given this... A lot of thought.

All for one, and one for all,
I've got the CLIP-BOARD, so I make the calls...
And I promise... It will be OK.

Yea, They eat BRAINS and thats FOOD for THOUGHT,
But I've got a PLAN and we won't get caught...

Awwww... CRAP!

(And More!)

All content copyright James Russo.