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...I'm Glad You're Still Alive

Written By James Russo

About The Song:

Here’s the first half of a demo that I wrote and recorded way back on 09/04/2007. I really like projects that explore a theme, and since I already had a few birthday songs floating around at the time, I wrote this in an effort to someday finish up an Ohjeepers Birthday EP.

I learned long ago that it’s important to not be too precious in your approach to getting ideas into existence, so I usually just do the old “throw crap at a wall and see what sticks” routine and then go back later to decide what might have enough merit to actually pursue. The demo sounds rough because it’s essentially a live recording made while I was actually writing the song.

(The actual name of this song is... "Happy Birthday, I'm Glad You're Still Alive".)

The Lyrics:

Well now, when you’re a kid, you think its oh so cool, you can drive a car and get out of school.
Aw... no - you just can’t wait, to get a job and make out on dates.
Move out, live in your own place - yea, ping pong table, and a smile on your face.
But! one thing that you may not know, someday you'll actually die...

But first you'll grow old...

Screw this, I want my G.I. Joes, yea PJ's on - Mom its gettin' cold.
Hot chocolate, and a pillow fort, eating junk hope you don't get caught.
No school... so I can stay up late, yea cartoons and cereal - it's a date!
One thing that we didn’t know, someday we could ACTUALLY die...

But first you get old...

Happy Birthday I'm glad you’re still alive, Happy Birthday I'm glad you haven't died!

All content copyright James Russo.