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Tough Guy, Good Day

Written By James Russo

About The Song:

Bands that are only capable of writing songs filled with raging teen angst seem completely dishonest to me. The notion that somehow not a single day went well enough that you could write a song about it seems absurd.

This song tackles the magical idea of one Hardcore youth, that not only woke up in a good mood, but actually had such a good day that they decided to write a song about it! This song is clearly a work of fiction and in no way reflects the optimistic nature of todayís youth.

The Lyrics:

Well I got up early today, sunny out Mom made eggs.
It felt good I love my Mom, I love my grades I love my job.
I feel real good, Iím doiní fine, puppy dogs are on my mind.
Sunny happy, what a day, chorus time itís time to say!

Looks like itís gonna be a good day!
Looks like itís gonna be a good day!

Me and the band, we have fun, we have a robot on the drums.
I play guitar, itís not that hard, considering my chords are barred.
All my friends are the best, my grades are in I aced the test.
Golly gee, what can I say, Looks like itís gonna be a good day!

Itís gonna be a good day.

All content copyright James Russo.