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My Molecular Structure

Written By Jason Houghton, James Russo

About The Song:

The music for this little work in progress was created by the great ALIEN ATOM and then I wrote and sang a song over it. I hope that you dig it because when it's done I want to make it into a short educational film...


The Lyrics:

My Molecular Structure needs acupuncture
My Heart is filled with blood
The Tears of a clown are all around
and Things are looking good.

Im not sure but I think I know,
Theres a party going on right now
Id Have sex but I'm not sure...
I dont remember how.

I dont Remember How
I dont Remeber How...

So Lets move on, lets keep it going
I'm going to keep it clean
Holy Christ and Oh My Lord
Dear me and lordy be...

She needs me but I cant see
Theres nothing here to see
Theres nothing here to see
theres nothing here to see...

You've got to keep it clean

All content copyright James Russo.