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It's Fuckin' Hot

Written By James Russo

About The Song:

Usually when I'm writing a song, I create both the lyrics and the music at the same time. This song was a bit different because I wrote all of the lyrics first, then I quickly attached some chords to them. I ended up finishing the whole thing in about ten minutes, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

The recording time for this song was another story entirely. Because of the stupid way that I chose to assemble the drum track, it took me over thirty hours to finish the damned thing. PAIN!

As far as what the song is about, it's simply a tale of having sex in the summer on a very hot day…good old fashioned Mookie love.

The Lyrics:

Well I don’t wanna go out, cause outside there’s a draught,
and I know all about it, ‘cause I saw the Mercury.
Now I’m runnin' out of shirts, yea these sweat stains are the worst,
but underwear comes first…
A sweaty ass for me!

Then the temperatures rise, there’s some friction in my thighs.
When I open up my eyes, I cant imagine what I see.
The reaction in my thighs, reaches new record highs
A girl I realize, whoever could she be?

Then I see a girl inside, and it completely blows my mind,
Which is a funny choice of words, cause what she did to me.
Sweaty and steady she was takin’ off her top,
which is when I said stop…
Cause' man it's Fuckin’ Hot!

Well I know it seems wrong, which is why I wrote this song,
it won’t take very long, so listen to my plea.
There’s action, attraction, girlie satisfaction,
Venereal contraction…
but none of that for me!

It’s to hot for grindin’ normally I don’t mind it,
except when the temperatures a hundred ten degrees.
And when she started bumpin’, grindin’ hard and humpin’,
I felt a little sumthin…
By little I mean it was big!

All content copyright James Russo.