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Happy Halloween [Rough Sample]

Written By James Russo

About The Song:

This is a crappy version of a song that I think is really pretty good. This is just the first verse, once I get a less crappy version Iíll post the whole song for you to hate.

The Lyrics:

Your scared of Halloween, But what about all the other things that,
Should really scare you when your alone... Like.
What does the future hold and Why are we all getting so old,
Why have all my loved ones gone away...

Does this keep getting worse, does that part just come first?
Yea, maybe the best is yet to come... Now I'm so...

...Glad your my friends, I hope that never ends
Well if it does at least we've got right now... So, uh oh oh
dress up lets have fun The parties just begun yea
Halloween is what we need right now.

Happy Halloween...

All content copyright James Russo.