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Happy Birthday To Me [Rough Mix]

Written By James Russo

About The Song:

I hate crybabies. And on the Birthday that I wrote and recorded this song, old age completely brought out the crybaby in me. In order to exorcize those Demons I decided to chronicle all of the stupid thoughts that had been running through my brain.

I hoped that by making fun of myself I would be able to move forward in a more healthy mature manner. Let's hear it for the illusion of happiness... CRYBABIES GO!

The Lyrics:

Well hello Death, is that all that's left, I wish I had more to do.
Another kiss my Birthday wish, Oh girl my life is through... It's True.

Poor me for all the memories, that I could not see through.
All the things that I didn't do, oh no I didn't do... It's True.

I lost a chance, I ll lose again, I ll lose AGAIN, I'LL LOSE AGAIN!
Lessons unlearned, I'm so concerned, I'm so CONCERNED, I'M SO CONCERNED!

Its true.

Happy birthday to me...

I'm so old, my feet are cold,my feet are COLD, MY FEET ARE COLD!
Feel bad for me, the Misery, The MISERY, THE MISERY!

(And More!)

All content copyright James Russo.