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Friends of Mine
When possible, always link to your friends on the Internet. It will create the illusion of caring. Now THAT is the real secret of Friendship.
Secret Fun!
John K.
History is kind enough to allow us the work of Mr. K. Go to this site NOW and figure out why all of us other cartoonist have a LOT of work to do.

Eddie Fitzgerald
This is probably my favorite site on the internet.

Uncle Eddie has secrets. Learn them.

Shane Glines
This is one of only two website that I have ever given my hard earned cash too, and at Five Bucks a month it is a real bargain! Enjoy the pain that is an artist far above your skill level.

James Kolchaka
Here is the other site that I have decided to give my money to. You should as well. James has done a great job at integrating his life and art into one complete whole. A good working example of what all artist should strive for!

Milton Knight
Milton Knights work has that great feel of completely familiar, and yet completely original. His work swings, and is always a pleasure to look at. Check out work that IS better than yours.

Katie Rice
Yes, I know that it 's painful to think about a cute cartoonist girl who can draw better than you. The very thought of such a treasure is almost to much to handle. Accept as I have the loveless existence of only knowing her work from an emotionally safe distance. There are other girls out there who want to watch old Ub Iwerks cartoons with young Cartoonist... right?

Gabe Swarr
Gabe has a fun clean style, and a great website. Check it out for cartoon fun!

Aaron Springer
Aaron Springer has done some amazing work, and hopefully someday he will be allowed to share more of it with the world.

Dumm Comics
A bunch of animation artist have gathered together to create a great new website featuring a new comic every day. All are great in different ways, but one artist who’s work I was not already familiar with is Ricky Garduno and I’m really excited about his work! He might be one of the funniest Comic artist that I’ve ever seen. Take a look for yourself!

Michael Gagne
Michael Gagne is one of those rare artist that has found a great way to balance personal and professional work. Another example of the kind of career / life balance that artist should try to find.

They Might
Be Giants...

This is a band that approaches music in the most honest, and healthy way that I have ever seen. Do not let some preconceived notion of what they're about, stop you from checking them out.

This is one of my favorite bands, sadly the site is pretty bare, and does not cover anything about the killer side project “Six Cents and Natalie”. Still they are cool enough to check it out in spite of it's flaws, just remember the band is much more fun than the site.

Mike Nesmith
Mike is the coolest, if you do not yet realize this then I pity your “Crunk fueled” days. Nine Times Blue is one of the best songs I have ever heard!

The Elephant Six
Thanks to my good friend Pete I learned all about the Elephant Six bands in time to see a bunch of them play live. Neutral Milk Hotel, the Minders and the Olivia Tremor Control are amazing... plus so much more!

The White Stripes
This band is so good that it hurts. Check them out, and then drink the Kool-Aid, because it's all over for you.

Brian Dewan
Brain Dewan is an amazing artist all around. Here is but one reason that I am a fan of his work. Take notes.

Cartoon Brew
I check out this site everyday. If you need to know whats is going down in the world of the popular arts, this is the place to go. Cartoons are second only to Girls in the world of priorities.
Secret Fun!
Better Than
Your Kids...

This may be silly, stupid, whatever... but goddamn this is funny.

Nikola Tesla
I'm always amazed at how the creative process unfolds, and when it comes to inventors it obviously carries a significance to it that blows the mind. Here is an example.

Puppets, Uncles, and Captains
Hell yea, with interest in stuff like this, what girl could possibly resist me? Stand back ladies, Puppets from the 50's are MAD cool "yo"!

I AM a loser - it's true.