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Hey, thanks for checking out the long overdue "Friends" section! I thought that it would be a good idea to keep this seperate from the regular links section, since this is Links to people that I know. If you like what they are doing please support them and give them as much of your money as possible... because THAT is what friends are for.

Melevolent Sneaker Tooth:

[Click Here] Mark is a member of The Ohjeepers and a truly amazing guitar player. When we play out live he is forced to play Bass, which is a real crime considering his amazing guitar prowess. Marks music is very heavy, and he sure does like to yell, but don't let that stop you from yelling along with him at home! I helped with the production on his "Housebroken" album, and for that selfish reason alone I ask you to go check it out for yourself.

Take a look at the credits of who played what on all of the Ohjeepers recordings, THEN send Mark love letters telling him what a good job that he did!

Alien Atom:

[Click Here] Jay is the first human drummer to play with Ohjeepers. Jays band Alien Atom will teach you all of the secret lies about extra-terrestrial life that the government won't. Jay is a machine, and his drumming is ROCK SOLID at all times (even though I always make him play my new songs that he has never even heard before).

Jay is a funny bastard, and for that reason alone all of you ladies should email him long rambling love letters that he can respond to with comical missives that target not only your heart, but also your loins.

Ed Smith:

[Click Here] The MIGHTY Ed Smith is a great Cartoonist who lives somewhere out there, in these the United States of America. While his exact location is currently unknown, he can be identified by his amazing Cartooning abilities, in addition to some eerie similarities that he shares with a Mr. Tom Green.

Go to Ed’s “Blog” and DEMAND even more great work from him. That way you can guilt him into becoming the worlds most FAMOUS Cartoonist, just so you can feel worse about yourself in the process! Make sure to offer him MONEY for original Art work, since his Baby eats HUMAN FLESH, and he needs to keep “IT” well fed and happy to avoid problems at home. Now GO!

Jason Mayoh:

[Click Here] Jason Mayoh is the creator of the “Tales of Rocky Point” comic book, and the one time drummer of the Sweetthieves. He also worked on the “new” Fib Comic.

Jason is a great guy who would like you to hire him. Do that.


[Click Here] Dylan and Christine have created a great new magazine about important things. More important than paying your bills… Buy it!

Bi Anal Ham Sandwich:

[Click Here] Adam is a funny, and productive Rock Star from Providence RI, with more enegy than any other human.. EVER! He may also be in an upcoming short film that I'm workin on. Once that happens, he will become part of the extended Milkmoney Cartoons family, which only seems right considering that we live in the same building.

Please go to his site and check out his song "If I was a Hieroglyphist"... it is without question, a triumph in the world of recorded sound. I really love everything about this song. I'm not messing around here, GO LISTEN FOR YOURSELF!!!

Danger Pest:

[Click Here] Pete is so tall, that I'm convinced that he is only friends with me so that he can steal my magical harp! Whatever his true motivations may be, he has found the time to create a whole bunch of webcomics... go check em out for yourself. If the site ever comes back up that is.

All content copyright James Russo.