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Who Did This? Learn About The Artist!

About The Artist: 3rd Person

James is a Cartoonist who likes to ROCK hard, and loves to Love. He is interested in long walks on a nice day, and crying himself to sleep when it rains (I’m sensitive!). James lives in Rhode Island, but often considers moving back to sunny California if the money is right...

It has been said that James has NO GERMS, and NO KIDS. This statement is correct, and James is very proud of these accomplishments.

About The Artist: 1st Person

As an artist I hope to create a body of work that will reflect all of my interest, and not just focus on any one area exclusively. I do consider myself primarily a Cartoonist, but I am constantly looking for the next creative obstacle that I can try to overcome, with the goal of always improving, and increasing my personal skill set.

I am always interested in doing the best that I can, and I’m not at all afraid to fail. This means that I create a lot of crap sadly, but I feel strongly that you can only truly learn by doing. Even if what you’re doing is garbage. Damn it.

I have animated a few short films, with many more in various states of completion. Making cartoons is the most important thing to me, and all of my other pursuits are intended in some way to strengthen my ability as an animation director.

Over the years I have done a bunch of self published Mini Comics, and more recently I helped put together a Local Comic Book Anthology that included work from many of Rhode Islands best young Cartoonist called FIB. This appeared at the end of 2005 as a full size Comic published through Time Capsule Comics. For a while I also had a comic called Milkmoney Funnies that could be read while old fashioned ink stained your fingers in a Providence Paper called "The Agenda".

I have written over 300 songs, and recorded around 4 Albums with my music group The Ohjeepers. The Ohjeepers play out live whenever asked, because of our strong desire to ROCK for the kids, and our inability to say no when faced with the opportunity to be Rock Whores for the many girls of Providence. Sadly no single girls ever go to our shows… In the future I plan to write more songs about divorce with the hopes that it will inspire the seeds of revolution (Viva Le Bastille)! We have had songs played on WBRU, and WRIU in Rhode Island (Admittedly only once each, but hey that’s not so bad for a cartoonist!)

I also wrote a Rock Musical that I hope to have played on a stage, or shot as a film someday soon (better yet BOTH!) that deals with the problems that we all face as time traveling alcoholic womanizing authors born in 1828.

It should also be stated that my unjustifiable interest in all things puppetry has popped up in the past, and threatens to do so in a lot of my future work. Puppets are real.

Please email me at...

ohjeepers [AT]

To make sure I don't mistake your email as junk, please add "Hey Guys..." to the subject line. Thanks!

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