The Poor Little Frog, Who Got Hopped Up On Pills



A really crappy story written by your friend James while he was in the middle of an all consuming move to his new home... in a REAL LIFE Castle!

Their once was a sad little frog who fell in with a bad crowd, and it all started innocently enough while he was away at college.

Back at home he had always been a straight "A" student, the kind of gregarious outgoing frog that was liked by everyone. Now, being so far away from the support system that had nurtured him all those years in the pond, he found himself caught up in a whirlwind of anxiety and depression.

Eventually one of his new friends gave him something to "take the edge off", and soon this led to more experimentation that was now STRICTLY recreational in nature.

As the months progressed the little frog began to listen to bad club music, the kind of contrived, simplistic, poorly executed Electronica that would embarrass any self respecting sober frog.

His days consisted of one ill conceived decision after another…. It was almost like he was TRYING to be an annoyingly stupid cliché!

And he was.

He had truly hit rock bottom, but luckily like all addicts, he was eventually saved by Christ!

His faith in magic had saved him from a lifetime of owning up to his mistakes, and accepting any real responsibility for his actions, and instead replaced it with a life of illusion and repression.

He now lived happily ever after... hopped up on life!