Junior Adventure



Teaching a Bully a Lesson

Written By: James Russo

"Drowning in a pool of your own sorrow again?" Gerome the bully said too little Anthony scornfully.

"I hate you Gerome” Anthony yelled back, summoning up what little emotional strength that he could. "I hate you because you’re mean to me and your poor!"

It was true what he had said, Gerome was indeed poor. Anthony on the other hand came from a wealthy family that lived in a large luxurious house. That house was located right next to Gerome’s. Anthony’s family had chosen the location so that they could feel better about themselves.

Like any educated people, they knew that in order to BE rich, you needed a clear demonstrable context to judge your wealthy by.

Gerome knew that he had spent a lifetime being a bully as a result of his environment. Although he was unable to express it in these terms, he was a firm believer in nurture over nature.

"Anthony, you have no idea what adversity is" Gerome yelled with visible hurt and anger, "one of these days I’m going to teach you!"

And with that threat, Gerome the Bully left poor dear little sweet innocent Anthony crying on the sidewalk.

When the other neighborhood families found out about Gerome’s vicious attack on poor innocent darling special cherished Anthony they where enraged! They took their anger out on his family, who was soon forced to clean up the garbage in their yard and then meet with child services to see if they where "fit" parents.

Anthony felt relieved, for now Gerome’s bullying would finally be at an end and he could at last be free to become that which he always knew he that could be… SUPERIOR!

Everyone was happy except Gerome, who was disciplined by his alcoholic father with the metal end of a belt before ultimately being forced into a State run institutionalized system of loneliness where he remained until he turned eighteen.

An important lesson about the world was learned that day, however, no one it seemed was quite sure what that lesson was.


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