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Daddy's Gun Drawer

Written By: James Russo

As a rule, Little boys are known for getting into trouble, and those little scamps Joey, and Tony are no exception to this rule. The two have always been the best of friends, and they like to spend every moment, of every day playing and exploring together. Most of the time there are just not enough hours in the day, and the two of them end up sleeping over each other’s houses so that they can continue to play all night long. They are the best of friends indeed.

As best friends, they've played just about everything together. Sometimes they like to play Police Officer, or Army man, or even Navy Man every once in a while. But their favorite game has always been Cowboys and Indians. It just so happens that this is also the game that gets them into the most trouble. The two friends love to dress in cowboy hats, and feathers, and then draw their guns to see who is “The Fastest draw in the West!”

One summer day the two boys really got themselves into some trouble , when Joey's Mom was busy preparing for a family party. Tony mentioned to Joey that his dad was a real Cowboy, “Just like in the moves!” he said.

“He is not!” snapped Joey, “There are no real Cowboys anymore! Anyhow, even if there where, your dads not tough enough to be one of them.”

Joey was right, these days there really are no more “Real” Cowboys, and even if they’re where, everyone knew Tony's dad was a bonifide sissy, heck, everyone in town knew that he couldn't even please his wife. Any man who can't please his wife could never be a genuine, real type cowpoke. If that wasn't enough, there was also the fact that Tony's dad actually worked in the local Women’s clothing store. There is nothing tough about a middle-aged man folding women’s underwear for minimum wage.

Even though he knew that all of the evidence to the contrary was overwhelming, when Tony heard this he grew angry. “My dad is too a real Cowboy” he said, “I was looking at the pictures of naked men in his underwear drawer the other day, and I found a Real Live Cowboy Gun behind his socks.” Flustered, and full of anger he added “With Bullets even!”

Joey still didn’t buy it, he thought Cowboys where the toughest coolest guys in the world, and there was no way that he was going to believe that Tony’s dad , a dandy if there ever was one, was an actual real life Cowboy.

Not unless he saw it with his own eyes that is.

“OK if your dads a real cowboy then show me the Gun.” Joey said firmly, demanding to see the proof behind this wild claim. “let's go know while my moms still busy getting ready for the party.” Tony said as the two best friends headed of to Tony's house.

“You had better not be lying to me, because I’m a better shot than you, and I'll plug you good Tony. Next time you wont make it out of the OK coral OK at all.”

Even though they had exchanged harsh words, the two boys where always the best of friends, and they began to laugh at there silly bickering. Heck, why fight anyway, wouldn’t it be cool if Tony's dad really was a Cowboy Joey thought, getting a little excited at the notion. That would mean that they too could become real cowboys too when they grew up!

Once they arrived at Tony's house, they snuck past Tony's parents who where watching an “Adult” movie in the living room, and then went into his parents bedroom. Joey began speaking to Tony, but Tony's quickly shushed him. He did not want to get caught, because if he did his father might beat him mercilessly.

It's important to note here that Tony's father had never been violent with Tony in any way before, but Tony was a very sensitive boy, and he had seen some public service announcements about child abuse on television that scared him to death. This is why he very quietly, and cautiously motioned for Joey to follow him over to his dads underwear drawer.

Joey's eyes grew large and his heart began to beat like a drum as Tony opened the drawer. Low and behold, underneath Tony's dads underwear and naked photos of men there it was a gun. Not only that but there where spurs, chaps, a little cowboy hat, and something that looked like leather underwear with spikes on the front.

“Holy Crap! Your dad really is a cowboy!” Joey yelled with giddy glee. “Shhhhh” Tony said with the fear of God in his eyes. “Your going to get me abused like on the TV!”

The two boy's quietly pulled out the Cowboy gear and then tried it all on. Joey was amazed, Tony's dad really was a cowboy. Maybe that meant that now he and Tony could actually become real cowboys too! “We should practice” he whispered to Tony, “If where going to become real cowboys like your dad, where going to need to learn how to ride a horse.”

Tony agreed, and then got on all fours. Since Joey had already put the spears on he figured that he would have to be the horse. “Don't worry Tony, we can take turns. I'll be the horse next time!” Tony smiled, Joey really was a true friend.

For the next hour Joey rode around the room on Tony's back, wearing the strange leather underwear and cowboy hat, waiving his gun in the air ,and driving his spurs into Tony's side. It was the best day of the two boys life until Tony's Mother and Father came it the room.

“Tony, Joey! What the hell do you two think that your doing!” Tony's mother screamed. “Take my spurs off right this minute!”

She looked over at Joey and said “Joey I'm surprised at you, what would your mother have to say about you going through other peoples things?” And Tony, haven't I always taught you to respect other peoples privacy? I DO NOT want you going through my things ever again. You boys are going to take all of that stuff off right this minute, now get back over to that party before I get really mad.”

The two boy's did not hesitate, and they ran as fast as possible, to get back to the party. “Man we got off easy, your mom really could have punished us good!” said Joey as they ran. “And how, she must have been in a good mood” said Tony in response.

“The only thing that I don't understand is why your dad was wearing that strange dress and a leash” said Joey sounding a bit confused as he paused for a moment to catch his breath.

“Who knows, adults sure are weird” Tony replied as the two boys shared a good laugh at their strange afternoon.

Tony and Joey learned an important lesson on that day. They learned that there really are Cowboys in the world, even if those cowboys are actually girls. They also learned that sometimes parents can be a real drag. But the most important lesson that they learned on that day, was how friendship is the greatest thing in the world.

Friendship and Guns.


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