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"Ask Questions of a serious nature, and I will do my best to give them the full consideration that they deserve."

Professor, The holiday season has been really rough on me this year. Why do the holidays always make me feel so sad and alone? Also... How can I really know if my ass looks fat these jeans?

-My life is a shambles in Holyoke NJ

"Shambles, If you are Living a loveless existance without a 'Special Someone' to share your daily experiences with, then I can only assume that the the loneliness that you describe is probably more than just some temporary state...

The holiday season often makes us accutely aware of how futile our existance really can be. You see, it forces us to take stock of the failure that is more commonly known as our 'everyday life'. Also, since you are clearly alone and depresssed, it's safe to say that if your ass does not already look fat in 'those jeans'... that it soon will.

Happy Holidays!"

The Professor.

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