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Another Lazy Crappy Update!


A Cover Of One Of My Songs!


A Crappy Update... Don’t Even Waste Your Time!


Douglas Leather... Illustrated In Text!


Americas Most Beloved Comic Icon Is Back!


What Would Douglas Leather Do?


Douglas Leather!


I Don't Know What To Say About This!


I'm Glad You Haven't Died!


The Expectations Of Douglas Leather!


A Horrible Story, AND An Important Lesson!


Oh, I Get It... You REMEMBER Something!


Lust And Responsibility... Where It All Went Wrong!


In The Fun Pile... No One Laughs!


Let Me Teach You How To Be A Better Person!


Another From Me!


A Done By Me!


Is This A Joke... Was This EVER A Joke?


Love Is In The Air... And It Stinks!


Are YOU Ready For... The Audacity Of Rock!


The ANSWER That You Have Been Waiting For!


Is This Even A Joke?


Cruel Irony!


More Quick Junk!


Not Funny... AND Late!


Be One Of The Good Guys!


A Brand New Christmas Song... Silent Baby, Holy Crap!


Santa Has A Suprise For You!


A Look Back To The X-Mas Of 2003!


Please Excuse Crappy Updates Like THIS ONE While I Move Everything I Own!


Poorly Done Holiday Fun!


Separation Of Powers!


Say It Ain't So!


For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky!


A Trick Or Treat Just For You!


The Choice YOU will Someday Make!


Are YOU Ready For Some Misogyny?


This Is The Part That They Missed!


Read My Now!


Vague Allusions To Flowers In The Dirt?


Are You Ready for... THE BAD TOUCH?


Petey Bobby Pudgy Boy Wants To Tell YOU a Joke!


Make Friends With Petey Bobby Pudgy Boy TODAY!


I Selfishly Only Care if I Laugh!


Does This Make You Feel UNCOMFORTABLE?


Just Like Real Life!


An Important Lesson About The World!


The OHJEEPERS Play Music just for YOU!




How Do I Treat YOU?


Understanding FREEDOM!


Manny... The Man Eating Alligator!


The Good Guys?






Lame Easter Joke!




Quick CRAP!


A Song About My Plan For The Zombie Uprising!


NOT so funny... BUT it looks OK!


NOW is the time...!




Yep, It's an UPDATE...!


A Look Inward...!


Comic Controversy...!


Rid your life of HATRED...!


Uncomfortable Moments, with Strange Men!


Here is a COUPON because YOU'RE BETTER!


An Uncomfortable Moment For YOU To Share!


Happy NEW Year!


A X-Mas Song... From Your Secret Santa!


The Ohjeepers Presents... A X-Mas Song for YOU!


The TRUE Life Story of Santa Clause!


...A Late AND Crappy Update!


Christmas Tree, Holiday Tree, or MURDER!


Rough Mix of... The WHITE MAN is a DEVIL, A Thanksgiving Song!


Keeping Busy can keep you out of trouble... LESSONS!


What is REAL... And WHO are we?

Happy Hallowe'en

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A Holiday Special Rough Mix... YAWN!


This one is actually almost FUNNY!


Good + Times = Sad Reality!


Be warned... TREE BABY!


Picture + Book = FUN!


NEW... Pulp Adventure!


Good Times... AND SAD!


"E" is for Alphabet Fun... HOT DAMN!


WAR... Buy it!


NEW Updates WILL Return! Damn It.


Write me some HATE mail while I relax… ohjeepers [AT]


YES... Another Lesson!


Public Education NEEDS Your HELP!


Cheap, Late, and NOT even that FUNNY! TOTAL CRAP!


Truth AND Justice Holiday Special!


Learn more about YOURSELF!


Lazy Artist and the Wisdom of the Ages!


And NOW A Lesson In Human Nature!


A Lesson In Social Etiquette!




MORE time to laugh... AND Late!


Is it REALLY time to laugh?






Read An Old Comic I did!


The Ohjeepers + Alien Atom = SONG!


Picture Book SADNESS!




You have a NEW Friend - CHECK HIM TOTALLY OUT!!!


A Patriotic Public Service Message!!!


ANOTHER VIDEO... Filled with RAGE!!!


An ACTUAL Ohjeepers ROCK Video!!!


The Future of ENTERTAINMENT!!!


Picture Book Fun! HOT DAMN!!!


Even More Milkmoney Funnies!


More Milkmoney Funnies!


Milkmoney Funnies!


The Halloween EP Part 2!


The Halloween EP Part 1!


Way LATE... A Tribute To Lil' B!


A Special Holiday Special!


I'm A Guest Star... CHECK IT!






Better Days When Live Music Was Us...!


Bad Song... AND Late! Yea!


Old Age Sucks!


Another Real Life Lesson Yo!


Another Real Life Lesson!


Update Fever!


Songs That Touch You!


Songs Are Lies!


More Real Life Lessons!


Real Life Lessons!


Songs Are Cool!


Picture Book Fun!


Yet Another Song!


Another Song!


Song Posted!


Picture Book Fun!


All New!

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Wee Frankenstein!


Stupid Baby Bird!


Concerned Kaiju!


Delighted Kisser!


Cry Baby!


Head Sock!


Spandex Leather!


Enticing Eve!


Brooding Brow!


Fear Grin!


Embryonic Patriot!


Ignorant Adam!


Jabbing Jingoist!


Fake Elvis!


Avarice Dwarf!


Canine Rain Slicker!


Dejected Child!


Bedraggled Bum!


Smug Pig!


Giddy Dog!


Junkie Duck!


Witless Bird!


Ignorant Bear!


Weird Chicken Man With Son!


Weird Broiled Chicken Man!


Weird Chicken Man!


Adolescent Thrall Elf!


Pubescent Elf!


Ascetic Elf!


Naked Guy With Ducks!


Happy Naked Girl!


Glossy Noodle!


Maloclussion Man!


Mr. President!


Bantam Bondservant!


Pig Aficionado!


Big Ass Hitler!


Mustached Crook!


Salutational Pig!


Lying Mouse!

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